Using Internet Computers


Internet Use Guidelines 

General Guidelines

Library staff members are happy to answer basic computer usage questions. Staff members cannot provide in-depth assistance or tutoring in the computer center.

No more than two persons at a workstation. 

All prints cost .10 per page. Patrons are responsible for previewing print jobs, there will be no refunds for misprints.

Marion Public Library’s Main location provides patron computers in two areas:

• Computers in the upstairs area are reserved for patrons age 12 and older.

• Computers in the Kids Area are reserved for patrons age 11 and under.

Computers for patrons of all ages are available at each branch location.

Regardless of age, all patrons must follow the rules outlined in the library’s Internet Use policy.

Special Rules for Kids Area Computers
1. Children under age 8 may use the internet workstations with parental/adult supervision only. 
2. Children ages 8-11 may use the internet workstations without parental/adult supervision.
3. Patrons may only use the Internet to visit websites appropriate for children. 

Special Rules for Patron Services Computers
1. Ohio residents must use their MPL library card to sign-in at the computers. Patrons may not use another person’s card for computer access.
2. The library will provide out-of-state visitors with a “visitor’s pass” good for the day of their visit.
3. It is the patron’s responsibility to monitor the Waiting Queue screen for a computer to be assigned. Staff members are not responsible for missed computer assignments. Patrons who miss their turn will have to sign-up again and be placed at the end of the Waiting Queue.
4. An assigned workstation will be held for 5 minutes; after that it will be released for other users.
5. If your workstation is idle for 10 minutes, the system will end your session and make that computer available for other users.

Internet Use Policy

The Marion Public Library develops collections, resources, and services to meet the information needs of the diverse population of the Marion area. The Marion Public Library offers access to the Internet via the Ohio Public Library Information Network (OPLIN) as another means of meeting those needs. 

The Marion Public Library, through OPLIN, provides access to databases of general and special periodicals, readers’ advisory services, homework centers, and legislative, historical, and archival materials and information. 
Information available through OPLIN and the Internet is not warranted by the Marion Public Library or OPLIN to be accurate, authoritative, factual, or complete. The availability of networked information via the Marion Public Library does not constitute any endorsement or ratification of that information. The Marion Public Library and OPLIN are not responsible for the content of networked information available. 
The use of OPLIN and the Internet to engage in any activity which constitutes violation of local, state, and/or federal laws is strictly prohibited. All users of this service agree to hold the Marion Public Library and OPLIN harmless from any and all claims, losses, damages, obligations, or liabilities directly or indirectly relating to the use of OPLIN and the Internet, caused thereby or arising there from. In no event is the Marion Public Library or OPLIN liable for lost profits or for indirect, special, punitive, or consequential damages or any liability to any third party, even if the Marion Public Library or OPLIN is advised of the possibility of such damages. 

The Marion Public Library strictly prohibits any efforts to bypass the security of the library network and any other computer network connected with the Library. The Library will assist in investigations of any individuals who violate this policy. 

The Marion Public Library is not liable for the reliability of the local network and the Internet, nor is it liable for the content or accuracy of the information found on the network or the Internet. You are responsible for evaluating information on the Internet for reliability and point of view.

You may not display sexually explicit materials or profanity. 

Patrons are expected to behave online in a civil manner. You may not use the library’s computers to harass or harm others.

You may not use the Library computers for illegal purposes. This includes activities that may constitute copyright infringement, such as unauthorized file sharing.

These computers are intended for non-commercial personal use.

The Marion Public Library does not provide e-mail accounts for its patrons. 

As with all library materials, the parent or guardian of minor children assumes responsibility for supervising access to Internet resources in the Library. The Marion Public Library recognizes that some patrons have had little or no experience with Internet use or are concerned about its impact on their families. Library staff cannot provide in-depth training but may be able to offer searching suggestions, to answer questions, or to locate self-help books.

Computer and Internet access from the Library is a privilege, not a right. Violation of these guidelines or other misuse of the Library’s computers and services may result in loss of computer privileges, loss of Library borrowing privileges, expulsion from the Library, or civil/criminal prosecution.