The Wire - February 2019

Marion Public Library’s appli- cation was selected and approved to receive a $1,500 grant from the Community Fund of Mid-Ohio Energy Cooperative. The funds will go towards enhancing the Library’s large print and audio- book collections. These materi- als are used by a wide variety of library patrons and are integral to the Library’s Homebound Delivery Service. The Community Fund is established by members who per- mit their electric bill to be rounded up to the next highest dollar each month. The Library wishes to especially thank those members who choose to donate to the fund. This award is part of the Library’s push to partner with more organizations in the community and to pursue funding from nontraditional sources. Other granting organizations have included the Marion Community Foundation, Marion Rotary Foundation, Marion Noon Kiwa- nis, Ohio Arts Council, Marion County Council on Aging, the Gannett Founda- tion, and others. February 2019 Mid-OhioEnergyCooperativeAwardsGrant toMPL Director’s Note Gary Branson Executive Director Have you found your {space} in our place yet? Have you spent any time in the solarium, just reading a magazine or newspaper? Have you attended any of the library programs? For kids? Or for adults? Have you learned how to access the digital library, available 24/7 at your fingertips? Read a maga- zine on your tablet? Listened to an audiobook on your smart phone? (Just ask, we will show you how!) Have you needed to use a com- puter or the Library’s Wi-Fi connection to the internet? Have you done any genealogy research in our Local History Room? Read through old editions of the Marion Star on microfilm? Looked through the year book collection of local schools? Have you talked books with any of our staff or even other Library patrons? Or participated in any of our fiction, nonfiction or Book Chat discussions? How do YOU use the Library? These examples just scratch the surface... For more program information and updates, visit or call 740-387-0992 Marion Public Library introduces music therapy to its program calendar starting in February. Board Certified Music Therapist Kristyne Ramsey brings her musical expertise to the Li- brary for a recurring program that starts Wednesday, February 13 and will run through March 20. Music Time is designed for all children birth to 5 years of age and their caregiv- ers, with special attention given to make the program welcoming for non- neurotypical children. The 30-minute sessions (9:30am & 10:30am) are de- signed to stimulate a child’s development through playful music and motion activi- ties. Music therapy is an evidence-based profession which uses musical interven- tions to address physical, emotional, cognitive, and social needs of individuals of all ages. NEW Music Time Program to Start Feb. 13 Mike Augenstein, (center) Director of Member Services and Community Relations takes a moment to pause for a photo with David Hepp and Gary Branson in the Large Print section of the Marion Public Library.