The Wire - November 2019

On any given day, Marion Public Li- brary hosts a variety of programs and events for the public to attend – some- times with more than half a dozen op- tions. If there’s one thing the library hopes these programs can foster in the community, it would be “connections”. The Library is also focused on con- necting readers with authors. A number of exciting upcoming programs support that goal. Notably, the library has worked to bring several bestselling chil- dren’s authors to Marion: Marc Brown on November 6 and Chris Gra- benstein coming up on April 9, 2020 . Brown, creator of the Arthur series of books, will share “Why Illustrations Mat- ter” with the community at Grant Middle School. Turn- out for the event is expected to be huge. “We origi- nally planned to host this event in the library as we’ve done with plenty of other authors”, said Gary Branson, Executive Director at the Li- brary. “But we started hearing the buzz going through the community and we very quickly realized the need for a big- ger venue”. The Grabenstein event will also draw a huge crowd and represents a partnership between Marion Public Library, the Let’s Read 20 literacy initiative, Marion Com- munity Foundation, and schools from across Marion County. “This event is an effort to target children between 3 rd and 5 th grade”, said Diane Watson, Program Coordinator for Let’s Read 20. “It’s a critical age for maintaining momentum in literacy skills and keeping kids interested in reading”. Every student in those grades has the opportunity to attend the author event at the Marion Palace Theatre, and thanks to a grant from the Marion Community Foundation, each of those students will receive a copy of Grabenstein’s newest title, Shine. The public will then be invited to attend a book signing that evening at Marion Public Library. Grabenstein is the author of several popular chil- dren’s book series, with titles such as Escape from Mr. Lemoncello’s Library and other engaging mysteries. He frequently collaborates with bestsel- ling author James Patterson, who is a co- author on many of his books. The opportunity to connect with an au- thor is one that these students won’t soon forget. Library staff members know the potential impact that these events can have on a child’s reading habits. Ulti- mately, the goal is to foster a love of reading among Marion’s children. Marc Brown Nov 6 @ 5pm Grant Middle School November 2019 For more program information and updates, visit or call 740-387-0992 Authors visit Marion - connecting with Kids ChrisGrabenstein April 9 @5pm MarionPublicLibrary Director’s Note Gary Branson Executive Director Marion Public Library is always seeking new programming options to engage the community. The latest effort towards this end is the all (adult lifelong learning) program. Conceived as an exploration of a variety of topics for individuals 18 or older, all consists of numer- ous short-term classes that en- courage creativity, critical think- ing, and personal growth and de- velopment. Registrants for either the Fall or Spring sessions pay a nominal base fee to enroll, which includes a certain number of class signups. Additional signups will require extra fees. Our inaugural lineup for Fall 2019 was a huge hit! Spring 2020 classes are currently being planned and excitement for the program continues to grow. Those interested can visit where you’ll find the latest info on upcoming classes and how you can s ubscribe to receive updates about the all program.