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things are. Words become concepts, which become opportunities for imaginative play, and dreams for the future. If you read a book about cars, talk about the cars on the road. Explain why you are stopping at a light, or how the turn signal makes a clicking sound. Ask kids questions about what they see outside the car, or even where they imagine the other people in cars might be going. Let’s talk about ritual. Ritual is important for building memory, and helping kids (and parents) anticipate and transition from one activity to the next. When we sing our “picking up” songs in story time, sure it helps us get the scarves put away, but it also helps the kids move onto the next activity in a way that feels natural and fun. If there is a transition at your house that kids seem to struggle with, try making up a song, or motion rhyme about it. Let’s talk about what makes story time fun. Being silly, singing, rhyming, and silly voices slow down and accentuate the different parts of a story. For babies, this helps them figure out how to make sounds and begin to understand that words are sounds that have meaning. As kids get older, this helps with figuring out how sentences work, and how language flows overall. I hope that our story times and our baby times will give caregivers rewarding experiences, engaging activities to repeat at home, and fun memories of learning at the library that they will treasure as they grow together. Story time is one of my favorite programs that we do at the library. When I was a new mom, songs and rhymes I learned during story time were so valuable in creating structure for my days and making great memories with my son. Parents can repeat story time elements at home and feel good knowing that they’re not just having a good time (which is valuable), but they are also supporting preliteracy skills! Familiar faces from the kids area have recorded some favorite songs and rhymes, along with tips and tricks for supporting your little one’s development. As you watch the videos, here are some things to keep in mind: Let’s talk about vocabulary! Books introduce many more concepts and words than children experience in everyday life. Before kids can imagine they are an astronaut, or a ballerina, they have to understand what those We recently invited the youngsters who have reached the 5-year milestone and GRADUATED from the Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library of Ohio to stop by the Swoop Library tent during MTC’s Big Tent event and pick up our celebration gift to them. The gift included a few more books for the family’s home library and other fun things. But most importantly it included an invitation to continue the habit of reading and visiting the library as they move onto their school years. We can’t stress enough how important it is to get a child registered in the Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library and to read to them. Twelve books will be delivered to the child every year -- that is 60 books by the time the child reaches age 5. Building a foundation of literacy starts with reading, and reading starts with books -- delivered to a child’s mailbox along with those picked up weekly at the Library. STORY TIME TAKE-AWAYS sharing added value for parents November 2023 DIRECTOR’S NOTE Gary Branson by Whittney Mahle, Youth Services Librarian Just two of the graduates who stopped by our tent. WANT TO DONATE to the Marion Community Foundation fund that pays for the Dolly books Marion County children receive?

Normally on a schedule of just two Saturdays a month, the BookMarks Friends of Marion Public Library, along with their volunteers, are making a commitment to shoppers during the gift-buying season, to be open every Saturday in November from 10am to 1 pm. If you have not had the opportunity to stop by the store, this is your chance. Shop thousands of gently used books, many that look like new, at very reasonable prices just in time for the gift-giving season. Find a full calendar by visiting Interested in becoming a volunteer? Ask for a volunteer application at the front desk or go to and find the application under the volunteer tab. The BookMarket is staffed by a number of loyal volunteers. Schedules can be flexible, with commitments of as little as a few hours a month or a few days a month. calendar of events Adult Child/Teen ALL The BookMarket open EVERY SATURDAY IN NOVEMBER Nov. 1 Adventure Authors @4pm Nov. 2 Story Time! @10am & 11 am ALL - Be Enlightened within the Dark of the Moon’s Shadow: Great American Eclipse of 2024 @2pm Nov. 3, ALL - Great American Eclipse of 2024 @2pm Nov. 4 NASA’s Lucy Mission to the Jupiter Trojan Asteroids @11am Nov. 6 Lapsit Baby Time @10am Nov. 7 Fiction Book Discussion @6pm Teen Dungeons & Dragons @3:15 Nov. 8 Adventure Authors @4pm Nov. 9 Story Time! @10am & 11am Teen Scene @3:15 Nov. 10 ALL - A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the White House @10am Nov. 13 Lapsit Baby Time @10am Nov. 14 Books in Focus @3pm Teen Dungeons & Dragons @3:15 Babies Explore - Look at Me! @5pm Nov. 15 Adventure Authors @4pm Nov. 16 Story Time! @10am & 11am Nov. 20 Teen - Create Your Own Comic Program! @5:30pm Nov. 21 Teen Dungeons & Dragons @3:15pm Nonfiction Book Discussions @6pm Nov. 22 Adventure Authors @4pm Library Closing at 5 pm Nov. 23 Library Closed - Happy Thanksgiving Nov. 27 Lapsit Baby Time @10am Make a Birdseed Ornament Bird Feeder - Family Fun Night @5:30pm Nov. 28 School Poisoning Tragedy in Caledonia with Dr. Van Keuren @1pm Book Show-and-Tell @3pm Teen Dungeons & Dragons @3:15pm Nov. 29 Adventure Authors @4pm Understanding/Responding to Dementia Related Behaviors @5:30pm Nov. 30 Story Time! @10am & 11am There are still a few classes scheduled to be started and completed in November for MPL’s Adult Lifelong Learning classes. If you forgot to register and find one of interest, you can still get registered. Check out to discover your next learning opportunity. Plus join a number of other like-minded individuals who want to discover more. ADULT LIFELONG LEARNING still taking registrations for classes in November

The BookMarks and Marion Public Library hosted author J. Ryan Stradal for their annual Speaking Volumes event on Friday evening October 27. Just over 90 participants were able to listen to author Stradal talk about his new release, food, and his thoughts on next books. Did you miss the author but still want a SIGNED copy of his latest book -- Saturday Night at the Lakeside Supper Club? There are a limited number of signed copies available in the BookMarket. We couldn’t have such a successful event without the support of the community. We thank these community organizations and individuals who sponsored the event. All proceeds ultimately support the operations, programs and services of Marion Public Library. FICTION: November 7 @ 6pm Remarkably Bright Creatures by S. Van Pelt NONFICTION: November 21 @ 6pm The Jazz Age President by R. S. Walters Find the 2023 Book Discussions List: Full video on our Library YouTube channel at: book discussion Stop by, pick up a book, read and join the discussion. books in focus Check out the new titles hitting our shelves within the month of November. SPEAKING VOLUMES WITH STRADAL Another successful fundraiser by BookMarks

BOOK DONATIONS ALWAYS ACCEPTED Donations for The BookMarket and the annual book sale are taken YEAR ROUND. These donations help restock the books sold on a regular basis in the market. Any overflow is sorted, boxed and placed in our storage building for the book sale that returns at the end of April. Ask at the front desk i you need help getting your donations into the Library after arriving. We can supply a cart and a few helping hands. The generosity of our community is greatly appreciated. Each time a box or bag is donated, your donations transform into programs and services back to the community thorugh the works of Marion Public Library. Kim: Modern-times retelling of Hansel & Gretel; neglected kids and CPS is called in, they are placed in the home with a foster parent-the witch; first-person perspective; creepy tone. instagram: @MarionPublicLib twitter: @MarionPublicLib youtube: @MarionPublicLibraryOhio linkedin: @MarionPublicLibraryOhio Marion Public Library 445 East Church Street Marion, Ohio 43302 740-387-0992 Board of Directors Phyllis Butterworth, President Patrick Carey Jennifer Donelson Blake Gates Malcolm Goodman Dana Booker Leslie Schneider Gary Branson Executive Director #staffpicks Madison: Retelling of Jane Eyre in modern times as a thriller; fast-pace with alternating narrators; plot-driven story; themes around keeping secrets; flawed. Jaymi: Retelling of Medusa’s story as told by Ovid from a female perspective; fast-paced story; themes of redemption, revenge, and seeing invisible people. Nicole: Retelling Little Women in modern times in NYC; Steady paced, straightforward story told from alternating character perspectives; told by adult sisters; believable characters. Miranda: Retelling of the Chinese myth of Chang’e and Hou YiA; blends the 2 ancient versions of the myth together and introduces a new character; medium paced; linear story structure. Watch more extensive reviews on our YouTube channel Check out a full list of books at Please remember you can always place a hold if the book has not arrived yet or is currently checked out. new for young readers