Borrower Policy / Loan Periods / Fines & Fees

Item Loan Period (in Days) Late Fees per Day Fine Limits per Item


21 $ .10 $5.00


21 $ .10 $5.00

Children's Books

21 $ .10 $5.00


21 $ .10

Feature Films DVDs

21 $ .10


Item Checkout Limits:  A maximum of 99 items can be checked out on a library card at any one time.  A maximum of 3 feature film DVDs can be checked out on a library card at any one time.

Renewals: Two renewals are allowed on all materials with the exception of interlibrary loan items and items with holds.

Holds: All hold items will be held for 3 days before being passed to the next patron in line or returned to the shelf.

Borrower Policy:

  1. All Ohio Residents are eligible for a library card without charge.
  2. A completed application form and identification are required to receive a library card from the Marion Public Library. Identification with name and current address, such as a government issued photo ID, driver’s license, or mail received by the applicant, is required for verification. Persons living temporarily in Ohio may obtain a library card by presenting verification of both their Ohio address and their permanent residence address.
  3. A minor applicant must have a parent or legal guardian co-sign the application form. In the case of a minor applicant, the parent or legal guardian must show ID as described above. The parent or legal guardian is responsible for all financial obligations incurred by the use of the minor’s library account.
  4. The Marion Public Library does not act in loco parentis and will not monitor use of a minor’s account. An unrestricted minor’s card can be used to check out any library materials.
  5. The borrower and/or parent or legal guardian assumes full responsibility for all use made of the library card. By signing the application, the borrower and/or parent or legal guardian agrees:
    1. To comply with all library rules and procedures
    2. To pay all fines
    3. To pay for any lost or damaged materials
    4. To provide immediate notice of change of address
    5. To provide immediate notice if the card is lost or stolen.
  6. Borrowers may be charged a fee for a lost card. 
  7. In addition to regular cards, cards may be issued to children 5 and under, homebound patrons and classroom teachers, with limits and restrictions to be defined by current library procedure.
  8. For other restrictions on borrowing, see the “Confidentiality of Library Records Policy” on next page, 2.2.